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Low is an ongoing American post-apocalyptic science fiction comics series written by Rick Remender and drawn by Greg Tocchini. Coloring duties were taken over from Tocchini by Dave McCaig as of issue 8. Low has been published since July 2014 by Image Comics.

The series is set billions of years in the future of the Earth after the start of the sun's expansion into a red giant has made the surface uninhabitable. It follows the lives of the two million survivors in the underwater city of Salus; its helmsmen, the Caine family; and its pirate enemies. The protagonists of the first issues are Stel Caine, who searches for life-supporting planets with robotic probes, her husband Johl, and their children. Remender summarized the story as being about "one woman's optimism in the face of inevitable and true doom".
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