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Vinyl Decal Application Instructions

Our multi-colored vinyl decals assemble just like any other vinyl decal.

1. Clean the surface of application and let dry.

2. Peel the decal away from the wax paper backing by separating the clear application layer and the wax backing. The decal should come up with the clear application layer. If it does not pinch on a corner of the decal and peel back the application layer. Once the decal starts to come off the wax backing, it will unpeel easily.

3. Carefully apply the decal from one side to the other while "squeeging" it on to avoid bubbles. If small bubbles do appear, they will eventually go away. Large bubbles may need to be pierced by a straight pin and deflated. If a water-soap solution is available, some find it easier to apply the solution to the surface first for repositioning of the decal before it is applied.