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Amazing Spider-Man 2099 Companion Marvel Graphic Novel Comic Book

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Condition: Very Good or Better (See Notes Below)
Binding: Soft Cover
Publish Year: 2020
ISBN: 9781302924928
Rating: Parental Advisory

Back to the future! From the pages of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN comes an epic that threatens the far-flung world of 2099 - and its greatest heroes! Conan the Barbarian - still trapped in a world he never made! The Punisher - fighting a war on crime in the streets of Nueva York! The Fantastic Four - protecting an Earth ruled by their greatest enemy! Miguel "Spider-Man" O'Hara - facing his destiny! And Ghost Rider - wreaking futuristic vengeance! Plus, Alchemax has the cure for what ails you - its name is Venom! And in an era where everything has changed, there is one constant...Doom!

COLLECTING: 2099 ALPHA 1 (2019), CONAN 2099 (2019) 1, DOOM 2099 (2019) 1, FANTASTIC FOUR 2099 (2019) 1, GHOST RIDER 2099 (2019) 1, SPIDER-MAN 2099 (2019) 1, THE PUNISHER 2099 (2019) 1, VENOM 2099 (2019) 1, 2099 OMEGA 2099 (2019) 1

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