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The Infinity Crusade Marvel Omnibus Graphic Novel Comic Book

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Condition: New
Binding: Hardcover
Publish Year: 2021
ISBN: 9781302923495
Rating: T

Jim Starlin's classic Infi nity Trilogy concludes - and everyone's invited! The Goddess, Adam Warlock's unadulterated good side, has come to bring peace and love to the universe. She has stopped all crime. Captain America and Spider-Man are on her side. Thanos and Mephisto stand against her. So how can the Goddess be the bad guy? As Earth's heroes turn against one another, the Goddess' true goals become apparent -and Adam Warlock must seek answers within! Prepare for a cosmic crisis...of faith!

COLLECTING: INFINITY CRUSADE (1993) 1-6; WARLOCK CHRONICLES (1993) 1-5; WARLOCK AND THE INFINITY WATCH (1992) 18-22; THOR (1966) 463-467; IRON MAN (1968) 294-295; AVENGERS WEST COAST (1989) 96-97; DARKHAWK (1991) 30-31; CAGE (1992) 17; ALPHA FLIGHT (1983) 124-125, 127; MARC SPECTOR: MOON KNIGHT (1989) 57; SILVER SURFER (1987) 83-85; DEATHLOK (1991) 28; material from DOCTOR STRANGE, SORCERER SUPREME (1988) 54-56; ALPHA FLIGHT (1983) 122-123, 126; WEB OF SPIDER-MAN (1985) 104-106; SILVER SABLE & THE WILD PACK (1992) 16-17; DEATHLOK (1991) 29

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