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Convention Schedule

Gem City Books Convention Booth

Conventions are getting cancelled and rescheduled due to the virus, so this schedule is subject to change.


Show City State Start Date Note
Wizard World New Orleans LA 01/03/20
Ohayocon Columbus OH 01/10/20
Albuquerque Comic Con Albuquerque NM 01/17/20
Wizard World Portland OR 01/24/20
Pensacon Pensacola FL 02/28/20
C2E2 Chicago IL 02/28/20
Wizard World Cleveland OH 03/06/20
Ace Universe Boston Boston MA 03/20/20 Cancelled
Gem City Dayton OH 04/25/20 Cancelled
Motor City Detroit MI 05/15/20 Cancelled/Postponed
Megacon Orlando FL 06/04/20 Postponed
Wizard World St. Louis MO 06/05/20
Lexington Lexington KY 06/18/20 Cancelled
Wizard World Philadaelphia PA 06/18/20
Heroes Charlotte NC 06/19/20 Cancelled
Indiana Indianapolis IN 06/26/20 Postponed
Anime Ohio Sharonville OH 06/27/20 Cancelled
Youngstown Comic Con Youngstown OH 06/27/20 Cancelled
Supercon Ft. Lauderdale Miami FL 07/03/20 Cancelled
Tampa Bay Comic Con Tampa Bay FL 07/10/20 Cancelled
Supercon Raleigh Raleigh NC 07/30/20 Cancelled
Atlanta Comic Con Atlanta GA 07/31/20 Cancelled
Wizard World Phoenix  AZ 07/31/20 Cancelled
Boston Comic Con Boston MA 08/07/20 Cancelled
Planetcon Kansas City MO 08/14/20 Cancelled
Wizard World Chicago IL 08/20/20 Cancelled
Emerald City Seattle WA 08/21/20 Cancelled
Keyston Comic Con Philadaelphia PA 08/28/20 Cancelled
Cincy Comic Expo Cincinnati OH 09/11/20 Cancelled
Salt Lake City Comic Con Salt Lake City UT 09/17/20 Cancelled
Phoenix Fan Fusion Phoenix  AZ 09/25/20 Cancelled
Ace Universe Chicago Chicago IL 10/16/20 Cancelled
Baltimore Baltimore MD 10/23/20 Cancelled
Youmacon Detroit MI 10/29/20
Rhode Island Comic Con Providence RI 11/06/20 Cancelled
Grand Rapids Grand Rapids MI 11/13/20
Wizard World Denver CO 11/13/20
Awesome Con DC Washington DC 12/11/20 Cancelled
Wizard World New Orleans LA 01/08/21
Wizard World Portland OR 01/29/21
Pensacon Pensacola FL 02/26/21
Megacon Orlando FL 03/18/21
C2E2 Chicago IL 03/26/21
Gem City Dayton OH 05/01/21
Fan Expo Dallas Dallas TX 05/14/21
Awesome Con DC Washington DC 05/14/21