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Remainder Book

Gem City Books Remainder Book Example

What is a Remainder Book?

When a book is unsold at a retailer for a certain amount of time, the retailer is allowed to send the book back to the distributor for credit. These unsold returns to the distributor are then marked as remainder and sold in bulk at a steep discount to secondary market sellers like Gem City Books.

These books are for the most part in Good to Like New condition, except they have a remainder mark so the books can't get back into the new book supply. In addition to the mark, books may also have slight shelf wear, some cover gloss loss, short shallow cover crease or some other minor defect which does not affect the readability of the book.

Gem City Books buys remainder books with the mark, and overstock new books without the mark, in pallets, sorts them and lists them for sale on our websites and conventions at a deep discount off of new prices.

Marvel Comics Remainder Book Pallet      Dark Horse Remainder Book Pallet